Bird watching with guide

Regular Bird Watching trips in July 2018

Regular Bird Watching trip in July 2018

  • Saturday July 14 – Bird Watching hike Jan Thiel (maybe subject to change)
    De groep verzameld om 15.45 uur PM bij het natuurpark Den Dunki/ Group assembles at 15.45AM at nature park Den Dunki

De zoutpannen van Jan Thiel worden internationaal beschouwd als Important Bird Area (IBA), waar verschillende soorten kust en zeevogels broeden. We gaan op zoek naar de diversitet. Deelname kost 25 gulden per persoon inclusief drinken en een snack.

The salt pans of Jan Thiel is considered internationally as an Important Bird Area, where several breeding colonies of coastal and sea birds are confirmed. Let’s discover the bird diversity. Participation is Nafl. 25 pp incl. refreshment and snack.
 Group remains small, so registration is needed.





Private Bird Watching trips

  • Private Bird Watching trips on request with a professional guide who knows where to spot what. Price upon request. Half day and full day trips (including lunch).  We cater the trip to your wishes f.i. with ample photography possibilities and off the road locations. Email us for a personal trip at