Bird Watching Curacao is a project by Curacao Footprint Foundation. A project of volunteers which started out as an educational effort and is now a full blown project of love for birds. Besides bird watching as much as possible, we record all our sightings on eBird and also record behavior by photo or video.
We publish regularly on our Facebook page and other publishing projects are in the pipeline. One of the most important objectives of this initiative is education. There is little awareness of the diversity of the natural elements of the island, schools and after school projects are always lacking in material, and many people have questions about the birds they see. Bird Watching Curacao is the answer, by providing up to date information on the avifauna of the island as well as providing activities to bring people into contact with birds. Birdwatching hikes and trips, educational posters and sheets, e-books and an active social media presence, together with this site will fill in the information gaps for our target groups.