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Bird Watching Curaçao

Hello, you have found us, the website of Bird Watching Curacao! Welcome!

Curacao has some amazing bird wildlife, both native and migratory. And we love to share that knowledge of and passion for birds with you. Join us on a bird watching hike on Curacao, or go on private trip with us in which we will do our utmost best to let you reach your life list goals.
Our projects include a variety of educational programs to raise the awareness on bird diversity on the island as well as the importance of conservation. Of course bird watching and observing bird behavior is part of that work. Let’s go out and see what bird we can spot.

Bird Watching Curacao is a project by Curacao Footprint Foundation, and is a work in progress, so be sure to visit us often to catch the latest additions.

Want to know what species you have seen, or report a rare and important sighting, contact us!

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