2020 E-Book: Top 10 Garden birds on Curaçao
During the lockdown and social isolation many on our island turn to the garden. As a tropical Caribbean island most people have some kind of outdoor space where meeting with local birds can be varied. Of all the 60+ breeding birds recorded on the island, many native ones can be encountered in the garden, especially if offered water and some food. This E-book gives information on the Top 10 native garden birds which can be encountered in the garden on our island. Written and photographed by Michelle Pors- da Costa Gomez for the Curaçao Footprint Foundation, it is available in English, Dutch and Papiamento. Download the low resolution e-book here or mail to request the High resolution volume in your language of choice!

Boek Top 10 inheemse tuinvogels ENG 350x

→ English version:
Ebook Top 10 native garden birds on Curacao LR

→ Nederlandse versie: 
Ebook Top 10 inheemse tuinvogels op Curacao LR

→ Vershon na Papiamentu:

Ebook Top 10 para lokal den kura LR

Global Big Day 2018 – Bird monitoring sheets with pictures
On May 5th 2018, the world celebrates Global Big Day, a day where individuals all over the world go into the field to count birds and upload their findings on Curacao is no exception! For the past 3 years we have been participating in Global Big Day with a large group of volunteers, 2018 will be the 4th time we participate. And as we did in the past years, we want to help you by making bird identification a little easier with 2 bird counting sheets with the most common terrestrial and most common coastal and seabirds. Dowload them and use them on May 5. Send the forms back to us so we can process them online. And don’t forget to have lots of fun!


Bird counting sheet – Terrestrial birds (birds on land)

Click on the pictures to download the form or click on this link: Bird telling tuin

Bird telling tuin 1 350px thumbnail Bird telling tuin 2 350px thumbnail


Bird counting sheet – Coastal and sea birds (waterbirds)

Click on the pictures to download the form or click on this link: Bird telling kust
Bird telling kust 1 350px thumbnail Bird telling kust 2 350px thumbnail

2016_A_year_in_birds_350 CFF 2016