Global Big Day 2018 – Curacao bird counting sheets

Click here for your bird counting sheets of both terrestrial and water birds! Bird counting terrestrial birds Bird counting water birds Join the birdwatching and bird counting fun by going out on May 5th 2018 on Global Big Day and help measure the bird population of Curacao. On Saturday, May 5 2018, thousands of people … More Global Big Day 2018 – Curacao bird counting sheets

Breeding season of sea and coastal birds starting!

  DUTCH version will be uploaded later! It is now the middle of April and slowly but surely the breeding season for sea birds and coastal birds is starting again. Whereas some tern species have practically disappeared from the radar in the past months, they are suddenly back, and in huge numbers. Anyone who has … More Breeding season of sea and coastal birds starting!

The Purple Gallinule

Emotion is not always a photographers best friend. Especially not when you finally see a species of bird you have been looking for, for weeks, and finally stand eye to eye with it in perfect lighting and perfect background. I am an emotional photographer and I can tell you this, it’s darn difficult to get … More The Purple Gallinule

Greater Yellowlegs

Two (2) species of Yellowlegs can be found on our island, the Lesser Yellowlegs and the Greater Yellowlegs. The untrained eye will have great difficulty distinguishing these 2, as they look very similar. True the Lesser Yellowlegs only measures about 26 centimeters while the Greater Yellowlegs measures up to 35 centimeters. But once you see … More Greater Yellowlegs

Blackburnian warbler

A very rare visitor to Curacao and so fast you almost don’t see him; the Blackburnian warbler is a small ( 13 centimeter long) bird looking a lot like the Blackpoll warbler in winter plumage but slightly different in coloring. Blackburnian warblers have a yellow stripe on the head and the coloring of their feet … More Blackburnian warbler