Southern Lapwing (Vanellus chilensis)

20172903-southern lapwing_1600FB 350The Southern Lapwing was a bird which visited the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao irregularly in the past. Sometimes they were spotted and sometimes they were not.

About 5 years ago that completely changed. For one reason or another some of the birds that visited the island decided to stay over indefinitely. And it did not take long for the first pairs to breed, in Malpais. There are several locations where these birds can be spotted at the moment, and the one that is easiest to access is the dam of Muizenberg,. If you drive over the dam itself you may be able to spot the birds sitting on the edge along the water. But be careful cause they are very skittish.

Photographed at Muizenberg Dam.

Southern Lapwing – Chileense Kievit – Kivit (Papiamento)

4 thoughts on “Southern Lapwing (Vanellus chilensis)

    1. Yes indeed. They have been breeding there successfully for the past years, even producing 3 chicks in one clutch last October. One was presumably caught by a Peregrine Falcon. The other 2 grew into adulthood.


    1. Hi Kim, I think your cat is indeed a feral cat, as we do not have wild cats on the island. However, many feral cats have a ‘wild’ color, and it seems feral cat litters survive better with the wild coloring. Lapwings at Shete Boka are a first in a long time, but totally plausible as they have been seen along the north coast of the island where certain areas have perfect habitats for them. Awesome find!


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