Illegal bird trapping in Muizenberg Dam.

18698557_10211723029704115_2049620288_oIllegal bird trapping in Important Bird Area (IBA), RAMSAR area and EOP park area of Muizenberg Dam.

Volunteers of Bird Watching Curaçao had the horror of discovering an illegal 100meter mist net placed in the middle of the Muizenberg Dam on Thursday May 25 2017 with birds stuck in it. After releasing the bird in the net, the police was called in as well as other volunteers to help take the net out. Inhabitants of the area were quick to give a helping hand taking out the net and served as eyewitnesses to describe who was responsible for this atrocity.

Placing these nets is illegal on Curaçao so the police will follow up on this. One bird was brought to Vet Odette Doest for treatment. Others were safely released by the inhabitants of Muizenberg.

A big thank you to everybody who came to help immediately after the nets were discovered. It is important to stay very vigilant. If you see anything suspicious happening please contact the police and also send us a message on Bird Watching Curacao!

Pictures by CVH & RW


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