Greater Yellowlegs

Greater YellowlegsTwo (2) species of Yellowlegs can be found on our island, the Lesser Yellowlegs and the Greater Yellowlegs. The untrained eye will have great difficulty distinguishing these 2, as they look very similar. True the Lesser Yellowlegs only measures about 26 centimeters while the Greater Yellowlegs measures up to 35 centimeters. But once you see them in their habitats, and on their own, it is a great task even for the trained eye. But there is a tip what to look for, to make identification a little bit easier. The Greater Yellowlegs (in this picture) has a bill which is longer than the length of its head, two-toned in color, and slightly tilted upward.

The Greater Yellowlegs can be found near salt pans, inner bays, and in fresh water ponds.

Greater Yellowlegs – Grote geelpootruiter – Snepi pia hel largu

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