LIFER: the Whistling heron

Whistling Heron 350x280 2Another first time visitor to Curacao!

Wednesdays are somehow magical these last few months. Our birdwatching team is in the field often, but on Wednesdays we try to combine spotting birds with bird photography and a good time. Last week we had the magnificent luck to be able to photograph a Purple gallinule in all its splendor. But on the 13th of December, oh boy that was a totally different story.

On this Wednesday we saw a lifer (a first time spotting for all of us) and the first time these birds have been seen on Curacao, period.

Whistling Heron 350x280 1Imagine the scene… 3 birdwatchers sitting on a terrace having a coffee in the morning when 2 egret-like birds fly over. One of the birdwatchers states ‘oh those are kind of dirty herons’, as they looked a little muddy. Then the birds land on the grass, we take a picture, and go in frantic craziness, run off the terrace leaving all our stuff to get the best picture possible of 2 birds (yes not 1, but 2) that have never been seen before on the island. Let’s just say the other guests on the terrace were laughing there buts off 🙂

But enough on that part of the story. Just take a look at this fantastic bird (of which there were 2 at the same time) and get acquainted with the Whistling Heron, Fluitreiger of Garsa Fluitdó.
These birds are infrequent migrants from South America and have only been seen on Aruba and Bonaire up till this week.

Whistling Heron 350x280 3Whistling Heron, Fluitreiger of Garsa Fluitdó

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