LIFER: Cape May Warbler

2019 Cape May warbler_350Not a first record for Curacao but sure the first time we have personally spotted this delicate beauty. Inconspicuously small and perfectly camouflaged to the trees it was foraging in, it decided to hand us a couple of minutes to be able to photograph it in the last sun rays of the afternoon.

Rare visitors
Cape May warblers are rare visitor to our island, if the records have anything to say. The only other record of a Cape May warbler is from April 18, 1964, at Piscaderabay. Of course this doesn’t mean that these birds never came back to the island, only that they were never spotted and recorded after this initial record. Which makes this find all the more exciting. We have been monitoring the warbler-rich vegetation of Blue Bay Resort very regularly for close to 3 years now, and although we have spotted a number of other warbler species during both spring and fall migration, we have failed to spot the Cape May warbler before.

2019 Cape May warbler 2_350Bird Watching on Curacao is always exciting during the migratory seasons and our team is always out and about to see if a new record can be established. 2019 is already interesting for our personal LIFER list considering the records of Indigo buntings in January (see blogpost: indigo bunting), the Common Yellowthroat in April (see blogpost: Common Yellowthroat).


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