Migratory season alert!

91649675_2518098938453453_7971258245366939648_o 350xCuracao is in a lockdown, because of the Covid-19 crisis, and we are all not allowed to go out. But some of us have gardens with trees and other vegetations and for all of you we share the exiting news that the spring migration has started and is becoming visible for all of you on the lookout for special birds.

Last week we got several heads up from nature loves in the area of Lagun who had seen a bright red bird sitting on their feeders in the garden. This bird is identified and is a Scarlet tanager, a male in its prime and in breeding colours. Completely red with black wingmarks.

Colleague Rob from Curacao Backyard Birding filmed a male American redstart in his garden last week as well, in full breeding plumage.

91397488_2518097978453549_4099643857099030528_o 350XSlowly but surely the birds are heading back to North America and many of them visit the island for a much needed break to stock up on food and water.

So as long as we have to stay home, stay alert and help out by putting out a basin of fresh water every day, which can be anything as long as it is about 2-3 cm deep, cleaned every day and offer fresh water and maybe beside it some fresh overripe fruit of bird seed if you have it in the house. And let us know what you spot in your garden (we would love some pictures as well, even if they are from far away with a phone camera.

Enjoy the birdlife in this weird and also interesting times.

92028767_2518098295120184_6173445687573741568_o 350XThe photos of the Scarlet tanager at Lagun provided by Lisa Cook and Hans Ponte! Thank you for keeping us updated!

2 thoughts on “Migratory season alert!

    1. Dear Julian,
      Our apologies for the late reply, due to circumstances we did not have access to the site. Curacao is indeed open to visitors again, but you will need a negative PCR-test certificate as well as do an antigen test withing 3 days of arrival on the island. As the new measures change rapidly and it depends on the country of origin it is a good idea to keep checking the new rules published by the government on the website of the Curacao Tourist Board.


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