Mysterious bird: White-tailed nightjar

White-tailed nightjar in the lights of the car at night!

There are certain birds, most people don’t even know exist on the island much less that they are breeding birds. True, some of these birds make it really really difficult to photograph them in the wild due to their habitats or way of living.

Like this little fellow on the photo on the left. This bird lives at night, catching insects on the wing and sitting on dirt roads and other roads and places, sometimes under streetlights in quiet streets. And that is maybe how you have seen them at night, sitting flat on the road under a streetlight and only flying up in the headlights of the cars. Meet the White-tailed nightjar, one of the most mysterious birds on the island with a life cycle we do not know much about. It is is a breeding bird for Curaçao, and bird lovers have photographed nests in the recent past, but we have little information on the mating behavior, partner selection and food searching behavior other than the streetlight hunting on the island.

White-tailed nightjar – Tapakaminda – Witstaartnachtzwaluw

October 2021

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