Book ‘Rikesa di yobida’ can now be downloaded for free!

The very popular book ‘Rikesa di yobida’, written by authors Gerard van Buurt and Carel de Haseth and illustrated with pictures by these authors and by Leon Pors, was published in 2011 by Fundashon Bon Intenshon on Curaçao. The books were distributed to schools and a limited number was for sale in bookstores. It quickly sold out. Many have been asking about a reprint of the colorful book with short stories on local flora and fauna amply illustrated by photos from the island itself. The authors together with the publisher have now decided to make the book available as a digital document (PDF) that is downloadable to everyone. So here it is:

Book tile: RIkesa di yobida (2011)
Authors/photographers: Gerard, van Buurt, Carel de Haseth, Leon Pors
Publisher: Fundashon Bon Intenshon
ISBN: 978-99904-1-550-6
Language: Papiamentu/ English/ Dutch
Excerpt English: In Rikesa di yobida the attention is focused on the magical transformation of nature after rainfall, one of the positive side effects of tropical storm Tomas in 2010. This book is written for the youths in the hope it will contribute to a better understanding and more appreciation for nature.
Excerpt Dutch: In Rikesa di yobida wordt een blik geworpen op de magische transformatie in de natuur veroorzaakt door regenval. Er is vooral aandacht besteed aan de positieve kanten van de storm Tomas in 2010. Dit boekje is bestemd voor de jeugd in de hoop dat ze onze natuur beter leert kennen en ook waarderen.
Excerpt Papiamentu:Den Rikesa di yobida ta tira un bista riba e transformashon di naturalesa den temporada di áwaseru. Espesialmente a pone énfasis riba e parti positivo ku Tomas a trese kuné na aña 2010. E buki akí ta dediká na hubentut, ku speransa ku e lo sirbi pa nan siña konosé i apresiá nos naturalesa mas.

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