Greater Yellowlegs

Two (2) species of Yellowlegs can be found on our island, the Lesser Yellowlegs and the Greater Yellowlegs. The untrained eye will have great difficulty distinguishing these 2, as they look very similar. True the Lesser Yellowlegs only measures about 26 centimeters while the Greater Yellowlegs measures up to 35 centimeters. But once you see … More Greater Yellowlegs

Blackburnian warbler

A very rare visitor to Curacao and so fast you almost don’t see him; the Blackburnian warbler is a small ( 13 centimeter long) bird looking a lot like the Blackpoll warbler in winter plumage but slightly different in coloring. Blackburnian warblers have a yellow stripe on the head and the coloring of their feet … More Blackburnian warbler