Bobolink – visiting beauty

2017 Bobolink_350One of the migratory bird species you can encounter now on Curacao; the Bobolink.

Bobolinks have now been spotted on several locations on Curacao as well as on Aruba and on Bonaire, often in huge groups of more then 20 individuals (130 individuals at 1 spot on Bonaire)

Bobolinks are seed eaters, and love areas with grasses where seeds are abundant. There they compete with other seed eaters like Saffron Finches, which can be very aggressive towards the newcomers.

Bobolinks are large, 18 centimeters, compared to our native Black-faced Grassquits, also seed eaters.

Bobolink (English), Bobolink (Dutch), Para di aña (Papiamentu)


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