Spring migration has started

Male Scarlet tanager on the island. Photo by Michelle Pors-da Costa Gomez

Spring migration of birds has started and slowly but surely some of the ‘usual suspects’ are coming to the island to replenish their fat reserves before flying back towards North America for the start of the 2022 breeding season.

True, the fall migration is the most varied in terms of species and numbers of birds visiting the island to find food, water, and a spot to rest before continuing the journey from North America to the south. But that doesn’t mean spring can not bring an interesting lot of species to the island, both those going back to North America and some species that are escaping the southern hemisphere where autumn is starting.

Some of these migrants have shocks of color, making you doubt your sanity when seen during a hike in nature on the island. Stay on the lookout in the coming weeks for this fiery red bird with black wings roaming around to find insects and seeds. Male Scarlet tanagers will be almost completely transformed into their fiery red breeding plumage in preparation for the breeding season in North America. During spring migration they will be flying from South America to North America and will often pass by on the island! They can be spotted along the coast as well as more inland.

English: Scarlet tanager
Nederlands: Zwartvleugeltangare
Papiamentu: Tanagre kòrá
Scientific: Piranga olivacea


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