Updated Bird Checklist Curacao May 2022

One of the first questions visiting birders to the island of Curacao ask is about a birding checklist where they can find all the species spotted on the island. In our answers, we always direct everyone towards ebird.org to get the most updated list for the island. And we will keep doing that, as birders on the island continue to discover new species visiting the island. But to help out on your birding adventures on the island we have made a 1 step document with an updated bird species checklist for the island as of May 4th, 2022.

A simple document with both Dutch and English names as well as the scientific names of each species. Color coding gives easy information on each species being breeding birds, migratory birds, released or escaped birds, or incidental visitors. This document will be updated regularly, as soon as there are new spottings. So be sure to check in regularly for the latest list!


DOWNLOAD: Updated Bird Species Checklist Curacao May 4, 2022

Or go to: Publications

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